Two Years Earlier

Using his index finger, he slowly traced the outline of her figure in the 3 X
4 photograph tacked up on his dorm room wall above his bed. Sensual
visions of the two of them together flooded his imagination. His friend
Albert, a photographer for the Welington University yearbook, took the
picture a few weeks ago. Earlier in the week, at Albert’s apartment, several
of them sat around downing a few beers going through a pile of photos,
assisting Albert in selecting pictures for the
Campus Beauties layout. With
no one looking, he had quickly slipped the photo into his shirt pocket. Every
man has the right to a picture of his future wife. He smiled at the thought,
imagining what it would feel like to kiss her. His mind flashed back to the
first time he saw her. It was the start of the 1974 spring semester.  
He overheard someone in class whisper as she walked in, “That’s Diane
Darhling, Jerrell Ellison’s girlfriend.”
“What is she doing in sophomore English?” the other person had asked. “I
thought she was a freshman.”
“She is. Man, everybody say she’s real smart.”
“And loaded,” whispered yet another student.
Since that first day in class, three months ago, she occupied his every
thought. She was like those women who always felt so sure of themselves
but needed a man to show them what really mattered. And, he, not rich
boy, Jerrell Ellison, was the kind of man she needed. At night, he laid in bed
thinking about her, imagining her lying in his arms. Often bragging to
friends how she would be his one day, they laughed at him, but he would
show them. Twice, he intentionally skipped class just to have a means of
creating an opportunity to talk to her. Making their meeting appear
coincidental, he asked to see her notes, hitting up a conversation about the
class lecture he missed.
His thoughts came back to the preset. Kissing his index finger, he leaned
forward placing the kissed side of the finger up against the bow shaped lips
on the photograph, careful not to leave any smudges. “Baby, you got looks,
brains and money. The three things I need in my woman.”
1 in 4
females have
experienced a

Is that 1 in 4
your friend,
your sister,
your daughter,

What have you
done to bring
awareness to this

Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Dating Abuse Hotline
Teen Dating Abuse Hotline

Dating Violence Legal Line

National Sexual Assault Hotline
800-656-4673 (HOPE)